About Boomstick

The goals of this blog are twofold.  First, I intend to use this blog to discuss the wide, strange, world around us inside of the bounds of civility and outside of the bounds of political sensitivities.  In essence, it is designed to be the opposite of a safe-space.  Rational thought, challenging ideas (for the sake of perfecting them), and true passion for living are virtues to be extolled here.  The hedonist and the ascetic are both welcome, as I’ve found out a great deal about myself by walking both paths.  Crude humor and enlightened thoughts are equally welcome, as each have improved my life to a great degree.  Irreverence has as much of a place in my heart as piety, and I suppose that even if I were to leave it behind it has still left its mark on me.

Second, I intend to use this blog as a tool to document my own self-improvement.  If I were more pretentious, I suppose I’d call it my journey.  Instead, I’ll simply say that it’s the chronicle of things that shape me.  Perhaps I’m seeking reinvention – I’m a 35 year old attorney whose dreams of growing up to conquer by sword were a tad unrealistic (which isn’t to say those plans are completely off the table).  The books, the movies, the adventures that shape me – I want to both document those and share them with others.  I want to hear about what shapes each of you.  Most importantly, I want to grow into my vision of myself rather than simply accepting the lot that I’ve been handed.

Welcome to Boomstick, and I look forward to our conversations going forward.


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